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The creative mind of a slash maniac

Where anything male, is gay for Harry Potter

StarRose's Harry Potter Slash Videos
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Harry Potter slash music videos

Like lustful Harry/Draco vids? Like romantic Harry/Ron vids? Maybe 1 or 2 Cedric/Harry and Snape/Harry vids? Like videos that are going to make you cry? Like side-spliting humour vids that show just how gay the HP characters really are?

My name is StarRose, and you have come to the right place my friend, where anything male, is gay for Harry Potter.


I feel there's so much pressure from people for me to make a fantastically made video that it's taken away the fun of making them.
It makes me feel like I can't just do a silly fun one without people complaining "it's not as good as your others" and it makes me feel like I don't want to make them any more because I can't keep up to the expectations everyone has put on me.

I've lost my inspiration, I'm not having fun making them anymore so I going to stop, or if I do make another one it'll be on my own time, which means if I only make one video in one year, than that'll be it.

Sorry everyone.


1) Q- Gender & Age:
A- Female, 23

2) Q- What program do you use to make your videos?:
A- Windows Movie Maker version 1.

3) Q- Do you actually like Harry Potter or are you taking the piss?
A- Like it? My God, OBSESSED with it is more like it! I'm not taking the piss, I'm a slash fan, slash fans live for putting the male characters together.

4) Q- I love the songs used in your videos, can you send them to me?
A- No need, I have a website you can download them from, just follow this address: http://community.livejournal.c om/starrose_hpvids/13182.html

5) Q- Do you take requests?
A- I'm afraid i don't no, but if there's a song you think I could use, just let me know and I'll use it IF I think of an idea to it.

6) Q- Where do you get your Harry Potter clips from?:
A- I rip them from my own HP DVD's using a program called Xilisoft, but i would not recommend it. It's very difficult and complicated to use, I have no idea how I got it working in the first place.

7) Q- Where did you get Xilisoft from?:
A- I got it from www.download.com, there are lots of other DVD ripping softwares on there you can buy.

8) Q- Will you watch my Harry Potter video?
A- Sorry, but out of principal I do not watch other HP vids, mainly in fear of stealing an idea, but I don't actually enjoy watching vids. I'm a vid maker, not a watcher.

9) Q- Do you write fanfiction?:
A- I do indeed! Harry Potter, Fruits Basket, Rurouni Kenshin and Yami No Matsuei. You can view them at the following address: http://www.fanfiction.net/~sta rrose

10) Q- Do you make any other videos apart from Harry Potter?
A- I do yes, I make yaoi anime videos. YouTube removed them from my account for copywrite, so you can now view them on the following link: http://www.veoh.com/users/Star Rose

11) Q- Can I download your videos to my computer?
A- Yes you can! Though on one condition: DO NOT UPLOAD THEM ANYWHERE ELSE! Do not use them for clips, edits, zip! This is JUST to view them with better quality on your PC. For this reason they have watermarks in them. You can download them on the website address linked here: http://starrose17.livejournal.com/151423.html


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I Like The Way - 2nd place in "Best Slash" competition.

Chipmunk's Christmas - 1st place in "General" competition.

Pride Castle - 2nd place in "Disney" competition.

What's This - 2nd place in "Comedy" competition.

The End of Harry Potter - 2nd place in "Post-Deathly Hallows" competition & 1st place in The Leaky Cauldron's "Potter Year in Summary" contest.